Whether you need power for your shop or lighting in your restaurant, we can help.

We have worked in pubs, restaurants, shopping centres and hospitals. We are familiar with all the requirements of commercial customers and the attendant health and safety issues.

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Job examples – what we can do for you:

  • Three phase and single phase supplies
  • Mains distribution Panels
  • Lighting Controls for Restaurants and Shops
  • Audio distribution
  • Data and Power containment / Wiring for offices
  • Shop fitting electrical Installations
  • Fire detection systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • PAT Testing

Three phase and single phase supplies

We can install both three phase and single phase power supplies and install suitable distribution panels to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Lighting controls

Using the Niko lighting control system we can provide scene set light levels ideally suited to restaurants and bars for creating the perfect atmosphere for a night out. The Niko system is also equally suited to providing display lighting in shops and boutiques giving ease of control to suit changing displays.

Audio distribution

No shop or restaurant would be complete without the ambience that music creates to go along with it’s Niko light controls. We can offer several solutions to address this from a basic set up to a sophisticated systemline installation. There is always something to suit every budget.

Data and power containment and wiring

Every modern office needs adequate provision for power and data. We can help create the perfect working environment with sleek dado trunking containing all the wiring for power and data. Along with this we can provide high efficiency energy saving lighting.

Shop fitting installations

Whether opening a new shop or giving your old one a face lift call us to provide extra power or lighting to achieve the result you want.

Fire detection

We can install addressable or conventional fire detection systems to provide safety for our customers premises.

Emergency lighting

We can install maintained and non-maintained emergency lights to satisfy safety requirements. Whether it’s providing spot light packs for warehouses or emergency fluorescents in offices we can help.

PAT testing

With today’s stringent safety laws PAT testing your portable appliances is an unavoidable part of running a business. With our state of the art PAT testing machine we can provide you with an accurate assessment of the condition of your equipment. We then compile for you an appliance log listing the test results as well as any repair work that is needed.

Find out how we can help with your project needs by calling us today on: 01842 878182 or alternatively email us using the contact form.