Childerhouse Farms

We were asked to provide a new mains power network throughout the farm in order to modernise the existing installation.

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Power Distribution Throughout Farm

We were asked to provide a new mains power network throughout the farm in order to modernise the existing installation.

The main requirements were:

  • A three phase mains panel to be located in the new workshop area from where power to other farm buildings could be distributed from.
  • All cabling to the other farm buildings to be trenched. This allows for the removal of the existing overhead cabling.
  • Power and lighting in the workshop.
  • Provision for future expansion.

This project covered the entire main farm site which is a very large area. There were some cable runs of 175m.

The way in which we tackled this project was to break it down into individual parts.

The main three phase panel

The first job was to locate the new three phase panel in such a position to make it possible to run sub-main supplies to other farm buildings. A store room within the workshop barn was the perfect location.

The next thing to do was to take a new three phase supply from the farmhouse to this location, and then change the earthing system at this new point. The existing earthing at the farmhouse was what is known as PME or protective multiple earthing. This is an extremely dangerous earthing system to use in agricultural installations as due to it’s characteristics earth faults can prove lethal to livestock.

So at this new panel we created a TT earthing system with a 300 milliamp time delayed RCD protecting the sub main cabling with all final circuits protected by 30 milliamp RCBO’s.

New Workshop Power & Lighting

An existing barn on the farm complex had undergone building works to make it suitable as a new workshop. With the new concrete flooring and the roof having been previously improved, the only thing missing was suitable power and lighting.
The farmer does a lot of engineering work, manufacturing his own pig pens and fencing as well as general machinery maintenance. With this in mind the first thing we looked at was adequate lighting. The best solution for this was to install powerful 400 watt low bay lights. These provide a very high lux level within the workshop necessary to suit the requirements of a work area.

The next thing to look at was to make sure the workshop was properly serviced with power points. This was achieved by installing 13, 16 and 32 Amp socket outlets throughout. This allowed for the use of Welders, grinders, drills etc without the need to run extension leads everywhere.

Also 13 Amp sockets were installed for electric fence charging units and banks of refrigerators.

Pig Unit

The pig unit required a new 63 Amp underground supply to allow for the removal of the existing overhead supply which posed a hazard to machinery. This was taken from the new mains panel.

New Grain Store

We were asked to provide power to a barn that could be if needed used as a grain store. This called for an assessment of the environmental conditions that could be encountered with this use.

The obvious factor here was dust, which could potentially become explosive. Also another consideration to take into account would be grain contamination, so lights with glass diffusers would be ruled out. This really only leaves one solution, five foot twin vapour proof fluorescent light fittings, IP rated dust proof switches and sockets.

Another requirement for this building would be to fit a distribution board here big enough to allow for supplies to surrounding barns as they were renovated. In order to accommodate this, we fitted a 6 way three phase board enclosed in a dust proof enclosure.

Existing Grain Store

For this building we were asked to tidy up the existing mains which consisted of rusting metal isolators and switches. Again we provided IP rated dust proof fixtures and fittings to resist the ingress of grain dust. These included light switches, 13 Amp sockets and fuse board enclosure.

Other Works

Other work addressed within this project includes: PIR controlled lighting to car porch areas, vapour proof fluorescent lighting to a covered work area, new fuse board in an office area and supplies to external diesel pumps.

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