Bungalow Redevelopment

General electrics and home automation.

Early in 2009 we completed our most adventurous domestic project so far: the electrical installation for a very large and luxurious five bedroom bungalow with games room, sun room and double garage. As well as usual domestic wiring, we were asked to integrate home automation solutions into the building to create a safer, more efficient and enjoyable living space.

Based on our analysis of customer needs, we designed a complete scheme.

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Safety / Security

  • 8 CCTV cameras for 24/7 security, with images viewable on any TV within the house thanks to the video distribution system.
  • Motorised main gates with colour intercom system to control access to the property.
  • Niko lighting control system with “home simulation” setting to create the appearance of somebody being home by automatically switching the lights on and off at preset times.
  • P.I.R sensors which automatically turn on lights at night if triggered to create the appearance of somebody getting up to look for a disturbance.
  • High-grade burglar alarm linked to the lighting system to set the lights flashing on alarm.
  • Smoke and heat detectors linked to the lighting system to bring the lights on in the advent of an alarm.
  • Niko lighting control to garden and driveway lighting.


  • Individual room stat in every room to control the underfloor heating system for that area. This allows for greater control of fuel costs by not unnecessarily heating unused rooms.
  • Low energy lighting used wherever possible.
  • Smart dimming technology, using less electricity when lights are dimmed, unlike conventional dimmer switches where the same power is used regardless of lamp brightness.
  • P.I.R’s, photocells and sensors, used with the Niko lighting system programmed with an “all off” button at the exits to ensure that no unnecessary lights have been left on. This proves extremely useful in a home of this size.


  • To make the bungalow a more practical building to live in we installed a whole-house data network system to give hard-wired, secure internet access to every room in the house. This home network gives other advantages such as streaming media content around the house or remote printing from any room to a central printer, perhaps located in the office.
  • The lighting system has been programmed to illuminate entry routes, so at the touch of a button the porch, hallway, kitchen and stairway lights are brought on. This feature is extremely useful when bringing in shopping etc. so as not to have to keep putting down bags to turn on lights.
  • After the ‘all-off’ button has been pressed a programmed ‘away’ button turns on a selected amount of low energy lights as security as an alternative to the whole “home simulation” feature.

Lifestyle features

  • With an 8 zone multi-source Systemline audio system, the whole house can “rock” to the same tune or each individual room can choose it’s own music. Each bedroom also has its music zone expanded into the en-suites so you never need to be away from the music. A Systemline LCD touch screen controls the Sky box, DVD player and ipod docks.
  • A Systemline video distribution system streams video content, from Sky or DVD to TVs around the house with audio from in-ceiling speakers.
  • The ultimate luxury of bathroom TV linked to the Systemline units could be viewed as an extravagance. However, there is also a good security and reassurance benefit: images from CCTV around the property can be viewed without leaving the bath.
  • As well as contributing to security and efficiency, the Niko lighting system allows pre-arranged scene setting. We programmed this system for film watching, dining and romantic evenings in.

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